Shell & Tube Heat exchangers – Oil/Water 1-pass

The oil/water heat exchangers are the most common shell & tube heat exchangers in the industrial world and use water as the main and most efficient form of cooling.


These heat exchangers are manufactured with finned copper tubes, which produce high heat transfer. Both liquids are separated by the tube wall, avoiding contamination between the two. The colder the water, the smaller the heat exchanger. The main advantage of the 1-pass heat exchangers is that the tube bundle can be removed. That means they are easy to replace and clean. They have brass or bronze end caps, which prevent rusting and make the pipes easier to remove. Each and every one of them has been hydraulically tested and has the CE mark.


We manufacture end cap heat exchangers with one, two or three passages, depending on your needs. We supply copper inner tubes for fresh water or copper/nickel tubes for marine applications with seawater. The single pass heat exchangers are used in marine applications because you have a large amount of seawater which reduces the size of the heat exchanger. These heat exchangers have the cooling water inlet and outlet ports on either side and these ports may have rubber hose clamp connections, threaded BSP connections and flange connections for series D-E and F.



  • powerpack units
  • rubber and plastic injection machines
  • oil hydraulic presses
  • lifting vehicles
  • compressors
  • mining
  • boats