What is a cross-flow heat exchanger?

Cross-flow heat exchanger (also called cross-flow heat exchanger) refers to the type of heat exchangers whose flows (liquids or air) flow onto each other at an angle of 90 degrees. In general, it is difficult to find a specific heat exchanger using a cross-flow configuration, but in general, plate, tube, single-phase and multi-phase heat exchangers can be categorized as cross-flow heat exchangers.


What are cross-flow heat exchangers

We have a 90º flow direction in cross-flow exchangers. An example of the cross flow is a tube-fin heat exchanger. In the tube-fin heat exchangers, fins are placed between parallel tubes and the air flows between the fins and the liquid flows through the tubes; 90º to each other.

Other examples are a welded block-plate exchanger, where the liquids flow 90º from each other (see figure below) and a graphite exchanger, where the slots are placed 90 from each other.