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Process technology

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There are so many other industries and applications in which Spiralex has proven its added value. Hence a small list of applications below. Is your application not on our site? Do not hesitate and pick up the phone: Spiralex can always help you!


Chemical industry

The chemical industry produces and processes raw materials and products by means of chemical changes to existing substances. The chemical sector is an important pillar of the economy. The chemical industry is the second largest industry after the food- and beverage industry. Strict (safety) rules and increased energy prices mean that the requirements in the chemical industry are becoming increasingly strict. The thermal efficiency of the energy-using processes is vital for the chemical industry.

Spiralex understands this problem and has a range of heat exchangers that meet these requirements. These heat exchangers find their application in particular in the production of petrochemical products, polymers, special chemical products, in-organic chemicals, consumer chemical products, liquid gases, fibrous products, manure, acids, chemical waste and textiles.



Olie- and gas extraction: Optimal use of our energy sources

Spiralex provides solutions for oil and gas extraction and production, for both on-shore and offshore. Our designs follow strict regulations and minimize weight, space and costs. Our solutions relate to applications on production platforms, receiving terminals and in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) plants.


Power Industrie: Reliability the wolrd counts on….day and night

Spiralex thermal products, modules and systems play a vital role in power plants, whether they use diesel engines, gas or steam turbines or nuclear energy to generate electricity. Spiralex is your partner to increase efficiency in your power plant by treating fuel, waste water and to minimize the use of energy in the various heating and cooling processes in the plant.

Spiralex brings you light into the darkness!


Surface technology

Baths are used in preheating and cleaning units, coating, pickling and spray coating. These baths must be kept at the right temperature. Spiralex heat exchangers are often used for these systems due to their reliability and efficiency. Spiralex’s high knowledge of the materials used, is also a must for the right choice of this type of heat exchanger.


Hydraulic oil

There is no better way to cool the oil in your hydraulic system than with a compact, reliable and efficient heat exchanger from Spiralex. We supply a complete range of compact and reliable oil coolers for industrial, marine and other applications. Your market is all about small, compact, reliable and highly efficient. All the ingredients Spiralex can offer you!


Metal work

Efficiënte warmtewisselaars voor het koelen van koelvloeistoffen is van essentieel belang voor de standtijd van deze producten. Wat het proces ook is, wat de vloeistof ook is, op waterbasis of op oliebasis, een accurate temperatuurcontrole en efficiënte warmteoverdracht is zeer belangrijk.

In general, a plate heat exchanger requires 20 to 50% less surface area than a tube heat exchanger. This is a major advantage, as it also contains less cooling media and therefore requires smaller pumps in the system. This saves you energy costs! Spiralex is that smart!



All our heat exchangers are use in applications like:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Heat or energy recovery
  • Pre-heating
  • Final heatin
  • Jacket heating or cooling
  • Steam generators
  • Sterilization
  • Pasteurisation

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