Plate heatexchanger

The range of gasketed plate heat exchangers (also known as demountable plate heat exchangers) is available in different models and always offers the best solution for a wide variety of heat exchange applications in many food, waste water and industrial applications. The plates are available in two different versions, both in H (high efficiency) and L (low efficiency), allowing the pressure drop to be optimized by the combination of both plates. The gaskets are designed with the Easy Clip system, to allow an easy attachment of the gaskets to the plates and to guarantee a perfect leak tightness. The frames are available in painted steel (multiple paint systems available) and stainless steel.


With the wide range of different models of brazed plate heat exchangers, we have the answer for every application, be it cooling, heating and industrial applications. Our brazed plate heat exchangers are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and produced in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (P.E.D.). Models are available which are soldered copper or stainless steel.


The fully welded plate heat exchanger combines the good characteristics of plate and tubelar heat exchangers. The heat transfer surface consists of corrugated stainless steel plates, which are welded on the inside and outside to form channels that are gas-tight separated from each other. This plate pack is positioned in a shell and can either be completely closed (welded) or can be dissambled (with a flange on the front).

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