Waste water

When waste become a product…


People are constantly looking for ways to fight against pollution, get clean water from it, use less energy and recycle energy that has already been used. All commercial and industrial activities in our world produce waste products, that can harm the environment if left untreated. All these activities often result in a waste product that has little or no value anymore, but which is, for example, too expensive for transport. Responsible unloading of such waste is the challenge Spiralex likes to take on. Spiralex supplies thermal solutions for wastewater treatments, so that these treatments can run more efficiently.


Spiralex provides solutions for:

Water purification

Municipal sewage systems treat wastewater from households, but also from industrial companies. Spiralex supplies solutions for slightly polluted waste water to thick slurries, which must be evaporated.


Industrial waste water

Industrial companies must also treat their own produced wastewater. This can be done jointly in the water treatment plants described as above, but one can also choose to do this individually. Spiralex supports these companies in the following applications:

  • An-aerobic fermentation process
  • Waste water from dry cleaners, textile-, paper-, food- and starch industry
  • Desalination plants
  • Gasses from waste decompisition plants

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